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By Jason Broderick

Winter is the great equalizer for humans across the globe when it comes to staying warm and comfortable. An alternative fireplace makes an elegant statement in the interior and keeps the area warm as well. Homes and businesses are finding that these ventless gas fireplaces are economical, attractive and eco-friendly. That is a tough combination to beat when it comes to keep an area warm. Traditional fireplaces require a lot of construction and venting and emit pollution while ventless fireplaces require no extra construction and emit no toxic fumes.

The interior design of homes and businesses can now incorporate decorative heating that does not require complicated systems for venting. The vented alternative fireplaces will require the same extra construction and venting system as a traditional fireplace. This is why a ventless fireplace is really the best choice for efficiency and simple installation. These ventless models simply need to be hooked up to the propane gas source and electricity. The traditional fireplace and vented fireplace require extra construction, wood for the traditional fireplace and cleaning for both the traditional and vented alternative fireplace. Suet removal is a nasty, dirty job that few enjoy.

Ventless fireplaces can use a lot of the accessories that vented gas models use, without the necessity of outside vents. Amber rock creates a wave of fire, while glitter fire creates different colored flames. The options are many and only limited by imagination. Interior design galleries have gone crazy with the placement of ventless units as necessary room accruements to add decoration with efficiency.


Alternative fireplace heating is eco-friendly because there are no toxic pollutants released when these units are used in homes or businesses. This eliminates a lot of the toxic fumes many homes and businesses emit with the heating systems that are in place. In time most homes and businesses will be employing ventless models in order to comply with zoning codes that address air pollution. _ _Interior designers have found that the small space can be a jigsaw puzzle when it comes to putting a fireplace into the room dcor. An example of this is found in the rooms of many Victorian style homes that were turned into flats. The small rooms at one time depended on a traditional fireplace that may have later been converted to a steam or coal heater. These areas can be reclaimed in an economical as well as aesthetically pleasing way with ventless fireplaces. The Victorian style rooms are often less than 800 square feet and these ventless alternative fireplaces are perfect to warm the space up.

Fireplaces offer a hypnotic dance of flame and accessories make this type of fire even more possible in the alternative fireplaces. Ceramics are hand painted to look like logs and adding fireballs, glitter fire, fire shapes or river rocks help create an illusion of the traditional fire. This is all possible without the mess that was present when it was a necessity to use real wood logs.

The efficiency and convenience of ventless fireplaces is enjoyed each time the fireplace is used. The flame is perfect every time. Installation is simple. The unit is plugged into an electrical outlet and hooked up to a propane gas source. The ventless fireplaces are simply the best resource for aesthetics as well as warmth.

Safety is always a factor when considering a fireplace of any sort. Ventless fireplaces are one of the safest manufactured heat sources for interior heating. These units are even safer than propane powered grills. What makes these alternative fireplaces safe are the heat sensors that will shut off the flame when the pilot light is no longer strong enough to support the flame. These safety features are disguised inside the units so they seem effortless. Further sensors ensure that the BTU’s are held at a level that makes it possible to burn all the gas without a residue.

Manufacturers challenged their research and development departments to create a better ceramic log along with better ventless units that are beautiful, efficient and eco-friendly. This has brought about an alternative fireplace that makes an elegant statement just as the traditional fireplaces have done for centuries in homes and places of business. Hypnotic and soothing flames create a comfortable atmosphere, both in a private residence and a business office or reception area. Creating a place of comfort, beauty and elegance is accomplished by the simple installation of a ventless gas alternative fireplace.

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