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byAlma Abell

The first step to making a successful Social Security disability benefits claim is to ensure you have the right assistance. Choosing the best Chicago disability attorney can make a big difference in the outcome, so deciding who to hire is not something to take lightly.

Most applicants will fall short of being able to tackle their own disability case. If you are planning to apply for benefits it is in your best interest to hire a disability attorney. These attorneys can use their training and experience to help you get your claim for benefits approved.

Paying the attorney:

Disability attorneys work on contingency, their fee is paid should they win the case, if they fail to win then there is no fee. The attorney, when successful, is paid from the back pay you are awarded, their fee is 25 percent of the back pay up to a maximum of $6,000.

What will the attorney do?

First off, a Chicago disability attorney will help you understand the system, how it works and how you should approach it to ensure a good chance of getting the help you need. There are plenty of misconceptions about claiming for disability benefits, you will often hear that all first time applicants are denied out of hand. It is true that many are but this does not mean you will be one of them.

Of course if your application is denied your attorney will immediately begin an appeal.Having a disability attorney on your side can really help; the attorney knows the system and can guide you through the maze of paperwork and supporting documents that are needed.

Your best chance of winning Social Security disability benefits is to prepare the application and process the appeals, if necessary, alongside an experienced Chicago disability attorney.

When you hire an experienced Chicago disability attorney the chances of you being granted disability benefits are considerably better. You are invited to discuss your disability case with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd and also like our page on Facebook.

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