US Defense Secretary evaluates Iraq and the political climate

Friday, April 6, 2007 U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates warned that limiting funding for the United States efforts in Iraq could lead to more bloodshed in the Middle Eastern country. In an interview with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, he said it might even lead to ethnic cleansing in Bahgdad and elsewhere in Iraq. […]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia CEO apologies for financial planning scandal

Thursday, July 3, 2014 Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm. Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ […]

Japanese detain two anti-whaling activists, deny abuse claims

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Yesterday at 6:00 UTC at 60° S 78° E , a Japanese whaling ship detained two Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activists in the Southern Ocean. Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research (IRC) deny Sea Shepherd claims that they have been abused. The Japanese government has assured the Australian Government the release of […]

Houston Garage Door Opener Repair System

Find Out More About: Weekend Parking Melbourne Houston Garage Door Opener Repair System by ashokcisThe garage door opener is an integral part of the maintenance of the door of garage, where the automatic door opener needs to be repaired or replaced as and when needed with the help of the professionals that have good experience […]

Apple introduces iPhone and Apple TV

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Apple Inc. today has introduced the much-anticipated iPhone at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. The iPhone is claimed to be “a revolutionary mobile phone” as stated on the Apple website. The device appears to be running a mobile version of the Apple operating system Mac OSX. It is approximately the […]

Somali pirates hijack Indonesian tugboat and Turkish container ship

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 Two more vessels have been hijacked in Somalia. Pirates have captured an Indonesian tugboat with a barge that was working for French oil firm Total and a Turkish container ship. The Turkish vessel’s seizure was confirmed by a US Fifth Fleet spokesman. MV Bosphorus Prodigy is a 330 ft (100 m) […]

‘Denmark will be attacked’ says one expert, ‘Denmark safe’ says another

Friday, July 8, 2005 Security in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, was tightened after the attacks on London Thursday when 49 people were killed. Denmark supported the U.S.-led war on Iraq and fears of an attack are rising. “It’s not a question of if we’ll be attacked, but when” said security specialist Mikkel Vedby at […]

When You Need To See A Hematologist

Find Out More About: Queanbeyan Medical Centres Doctors Queanbeyan byAlma Abell A hematologist is a physician who has been specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood. These diseases may include blood cell cancers, hemophilia, sickle-cell disease, lymphoma, or leukemia. This medical specialist is also trained in the study of oncology […]

Bravitude and Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation on the main French TV network

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation. The newly elected Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation scheduled talk on the main French TV was met with questions about a last minute deletion of the entry for […]

Mouse makes nest in cash machine, eats money

Sunday, April 1, 2007 In Estonia, a mouse made its nest in a cash machine and spent the weekend eating tens of thousands of kroons in bank notes. The critter was discovered after a customer making a withdrawal got half-eaten bills from the machine. “ At some stage over the weekend the chewed money jammed, […]

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