Features And Limitations Of Retractable Baby Safety Gates


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Features and Limitations of Retractable Baby Safety Gates



Baby gates are one of the basic and most important baby safety products required for your babies. They are used to restrict unmonitored access to places like kitchen, fireplace, staircase etc. While hardware mounted and pressure mounted baby gates are the conventional options, retractable baby gates are amongst the novel alternatives available.

Comparison with Conventional Safety Gates

All safety gates use a pair of brackets to attach with a door frame, newel post of stairs, wall adjoining fire place etc. Pressure mounted gates are so modeled that when the gate in middle of frame is opened, edges of frame stay at their place. Hardware mounted gates use hinges and so when gate is opened by pressing release latch, the gate swings on hinges.


In case of retractable safety gates, polyester mesh screen is used in place of wooden or metal pales. They are closed by unwinding this polyester stretch from roller. This roller is attached at require place using mounting brackets. This roller can be detached and dismounted from the brackets when not in use and free living space. The gate can be opened by spooling mesh screen on roller just like window shades.

Variations in Retractable Safety Gates

Portable retractable gates have clamping mounts instead of fixed brackets. These mounts can be easily attached and detached, which makes shifting of gate to a different room or even some other house very convenient. They are also convenient for facilitating adult access when left in place. When the screen is drawn, adults have the option of simply unlatching them to walk through, then reattaching them. Usually retractable gates require manual winding of screen on roller. But now-a-days you can easily find automatic retractable gates which wind themselves on roller automatically when release latch is pressed.

Precautions While Using Retractable Safety Gates

Although polyester mesh screen of retractable safety gates makes it simpler to close them, they also pose possible threat of a speeding baby walking through it. This can be a major concern if the gate is used for blocking fire place or top of stairs. If you anyhow prefer retractable gates, then JPMA certified gates are available for installation of top of stairs.

Other precaution to be taken is particularly in case of rollers with manual spooling. The mesh or gate can be left open accidentally and giving the baby access to restricted place. For this reason auto spooling rollers are preferred so that screen is entirely open or entirely closed.

Retractable gates are conveniently available at affordable prices from stores where you buy baby cribs or baby cribs mattresses. Online stores offering safe play and yard pens also offer options for retractable gates.

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