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The White Room

Luxury London gym

is perfectly located for

Personal Training in Belgravia

in a quiet mews. It has some of the


best Personal Trainers in London

who have become a lifestyle choice for men and women of all ages who have a busy day to day schedule. Often people realise that their frantic daily routine does not include looking after the most important thing in their life their health.

Weight Loss

is often a prime concern since it is the most obvious indication that the importance of regular exercise has been forgotten; lack of energy and ironically the inability to sleep properly often also demonstrate that not enough exercise is being taken. Other important events such as reaching the age of forty or fifty can be a trigger for people to appreciate that if they want to live a healthy life they need to take action. The Luxury London gym of White Room has become the favoured place for expectant mothers to get fit for pregnancy; and it is recommended that women who are planning childbirth should start

fitness training for pregnancy

even before conception – this should reduce problems such as back pain, and ensure women recover their figure rapidly after child birth.

White Room Fitness

programmes extend to many clients who are well over fifty, showing that it is never too late; our oldest is 84 years old seeking to increase his stamina and flexibility for his regular games of tennis!

Michael Garry has long been recognised as one of the UK s leading personal trainers. He has worked for many years at London s top health clubs at the Berkeley, Claridges and Connaught and has trained at every level from novice to athlete, managing to inspire his clients to higher levels of health and fitness at any age; currently his youngest client is 19 years and his eldest is 74! Whether clients are stressed executives, young brides-to-be or well known celebrities, the trademark of Michael Garry is focused training with complete discretion.

His Body Change Programme, which last about 6 weeks, often provides the first platform for achieving greater levels of personal fitness, improved posture, increased energy and confidence. His personal design and creation of the White Room private gym allows him to train clients in the perfect environment.

If you are looking for total privacy, look no further. From our secluded location in Belgravia, private parking space, personal shower room and private training session. It s just you and your trainer.

White Room Fitness

offers a completely unique and

luxury gym experience in Belgravia, London

. With each programme designed by Michael Garry, one of the UK s best personal trainers, you won t believe the experience until you see and try it.

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