Can You Really Build Home Solar Panels?

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By Bud Greenlee

Do you remember the Dick Tracy comic strip? (If you can, you’re probably older than dirt ‘cuz the strip stopped running in 1977!). I remember the futuristic wrist watch/communicator that Dick Tracy used. At the time, everybody thought it was just a figment of the cartoonists imagination. Today, you can strap a watch, phone and camera on your wrist, all rolled into one.

At that time, solar power was also a figment of imagination. Now, solar power is not only mainstream throughout the world, but building home solar panels is as easy as your typical weekend do it yourself project.

You’re probably familiar with the popularity of today’s DIY programs on TV and DIY warehouse stores. Expect to find DIY home solar projects all the rage in the very near future. It’s actually happening today!

That’s because the savvy homeowner knows that saving money on home energy is smart, especially today when energy prices are going nowhere but up. All it takes is a basic set of tools, a little elbow grease, and materials that you can find at any home improvement store to build your own homemade solar panels. And it’s easy if you have the ability to follow simple instructions.


The best part of building your own solar panels is that you can design them to fit your own precise needs. All you need is a roof that gets lots of sunlight to hold many panels that can be linked together. Although the rooftop is typically the best place to install solar panels, any flat surface that receives lots of sunlight will work as well.

Here’s a tip. Make the decision to build one home solar panel to start with. Use it as a learning experience. That way you can familiarize yourself with the process and build confidence in your ability. After you build that first panel, you’ll be able to build as many as you need to provide for all of the power requirements for your home. Then, you’ll be looking forward to receiving your energy bills, instead of dreading them.

The bonus is the fun and sense of accomplishment that comes in completing the project.

Don’t know where to start? Fear not!

Many people just like you have successfully built home solar panels and drastically cut their energy bills. They’re already slicing thousands of dollars off their energy cost every year. All it takes is a good set of step-by-step plans to provide the instructions, videos and tips to dip your toe into the solar energy water. Once you decide to do it, you’ll find it’s easy to build your first home solar panel in a weekend.

And, if saving money isn’t a good enough reason to investigate home solar power, think about the kind of planet our children and grandchildren will have. Taking advantage of free solar energy is one of the best ways of going green, reducing our carbon footprint and bequeathing to them a livable future.

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll save.

About the Author: Bud Greenlee is a long time solar power advocate and maintains the website, Easy Solar Panel Plans, your primary resource for home solar power information. You’re invited to learn the ‘Inside Scoop’ on building and installing home solar panels. Simply sign up for the 100% Free “Solar Power 101” Mini-Course. Go Green – Save Green!


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