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Silk FabricThe summer used such as the commonly fabric for wedding dresses fabric could be divided into the silk organza, lace,silk chiffon, silk we all know, the silk organza is one kind of the most commonly fabric for wedding dresses. From the appearance characteristics, this fabric is one kinds of a transparent or translucent material which could be used for covering on cloth or silk. as the telling of each experienced women, this fabric is very light and slipping. This kind of wedding dress fabric is very popular.

The classical lace that is the main stream material for best style wedding dresses . It is indeed that the wedding which made of this kind of fabric has already gained the loving of many brides as its characteristics of romantic, sexy, beautiful and noble qualities. Whether this kind of fabric has been used at the neck, arm and back of simple bridesmaid dresses, it can bring people a unique beauty.

The weave of the fabric gives it a slight pucker, chiffon fabric is generally applied for the summer used wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. In general, the wearing feeling of the wedding dresses is very comfortable and pleasant, naturally beautiful and used by many designers because of its soft drape, flow, and grace. the transparent characteristics of chiffon make it perfect for gathering, pleats, and smocking. these techniques add fullness, while adding depth to a garment through levels of transparency. chiffon is a natural it is soft to the touch, lightly covering the body with a thin layer of material, it is often ornamented with a light, the airy effect created by the chiffon.


The last one which we want to introduce with you is silk satin. The silk satin fabric could stand for the name of grace and elegance. due to the way the silk is woven, the front of the fabric carries a satin like gleaming and shimmering look. supple, silky fabric with an extremely shiny face and a dull back.the silk fabric has very light weight and breathable feature. So, for the brides who want to have the wedding ceremony in summer holiday, the silk satin fabric would be a very good choice.

The most suitable choice for the material of the winter wearing wedding dresses should be the acrylic, cotton, velvet, thick silk, velvet and corduroy fabrics which have the capabilities of comfortable texture, thick and strong insulation feature. they should match their wedding dress with the good looking accessories such as fur shawl.

On the other hand, the winter wearing wedding dress has relatively heavy weight and it would be likely to cause reduced mobility of the woman. Each bride should carefully remember this point. furthermore, if people want to hold their wedding in the depth of winter holiday, they should choose the Wedding Dresses with the color in warm. Generally, the fabric with the sequined fabric is also very good. People should also remember that that the choosing for a longer elbow mitten could make women look stylish and warm. In summary, each bride who wants to hold heir wedding ceremony during the winter holiday should pay more attention to the balance of warm keeping and the beautiful appearance.

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